Saturday, February 6, 2010

What goes in...

When I am nowhere near the computer (or when it is 1:00 in the morning), I can think of 452 things that I want to write about in my blog. When I have a second to do it, I can't think of anything. I must say, I was recently inspired by a couple of my friends posts on their Facebook pages. One was wishing she had chosen a more creative job (like Kindergarten teacher), and the other one was my sister's post informing everyone that she had been up all night with my niece who was throwing up. My response to my first friends post was to tell her about a day that I lovingly refer to as "Barf-a-palooza". On that day I had 4 kids in my class throw up in my room. I told her she might want to choose something less messy than Kindergarten. I LOVE my job and I LOVE my students, but I will be honest, what comes out of their mouths, does not gross me out nearly as much as some of the things I have seen them put IN their mouths. Here are a few examples (I know you are biting your nails with anticipation!):

I watched a kid sitting on the floor after coming out of the bathroom, lean over and lick the floor. The tile floor. RIGHT BY THE BATHROOMS!

I have to explain to at least one student every day why we shouldn't chew on our shoelaces (and let me tell you, if you have ever had to tie a little boys WET shoelaces after he has come out of the BATHROOM you would understand my feelings about being grossed out LESS by barf!)

A big productive sneeze is often seen as an extra snack time for a kindergartner. "SUZY* GET A TISSUE...WE DON'T LICK OUR HANDS."

And then there are ALWAYS the booger eaters. I keep tissues in 42 places around my room, but they don't need 'em!

Their hands are ALWAYS in their mouths, and I have seen where they sometimes put their hands. Some kids hands never leave those places...

I wish I could say that I was immune to some of these things at home, but I was very excited when my little boy (21 months) finally BLEW his nose into a tissue.** Before he would blow through his mouth while we wiped the boogies off. I got all of the snoodles off and he reached for the tissue. I thought he was going to use it to try to wipe his nose himself, but no...he put it in his mouth. Thats my boy!

Little kids are kinda gross, but they are TOTALLY worth it!! As long as you can get those habits broken while they are little! So this is my blog for today. Boogers and barf. My life really is super exciting (while sometimes gross!) and I am fabulously blessed...boogers and all!!

Have a blessed day, and as I told you before (and as you read in my blog)

I am the Sloppy Mommy!

*names have been changed to protect the innocent
** Yes, that excited me. It doesn't take much! I also must point out that my first "blog brag" was about my son blowing his nose! Take that, all you other proud mommies!!

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  1. Don't forget the potty training!!! We are working on that now and it frequently occurs to me why it is not mentioned in all those cute baby books. They don't want you to know about this for fear that no one will decide to procreate!!! I keep reminding myself that it must get better since I don't know any 20 year olds that are still wearing diapers, but that doesn't last too long. We'll get there one day....hopefully sooner rather than later!! Until that day, I will just keep washing clothes every night!! And I must give my little angel some credit, he only had one accident this weekend!! Maybe the end is in sight!!