Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training

Okay. Here are the fun things that have been going on since starting this whole fun potty training business. I chose to use the actual "anatomical" term which I don't regret, but I was not truly aware of how the love for that certain body part starts SO early, and then never really goes away. At home he will be playing and just randomly inform me of all the people he knows who have a [anatomical word that I am not going to put to hopefully keep some crazy people out] and he tells me that he has one too because he's a boy and all boys have one.

It is great fun to be in a restaurant with a three year old (who does not really grasp the whole "whisper" or "keep your voice down" concept) when he starts pointing to random people and asking you, "Does he have a [insert anatomical word here]?" The answer that I always give is, "Is he a boy? (then depending on the answer) Then yes, he does. But remember, we don't talk about it unless we are in the bathroom." That last comment has yet to work. Then on the way to visit the potty, he likes to give me the play by play of what is going to happen when we get in there. "I am gonna go in the potty, I am going to put up the seat. I am going to pull down my pants. I am gonna teetee in the potty. I am gonna shake it off because boys don't wipe their tooshy. Girls wipe there tooshy, but boys don't. They just shake, shake, shake it off. I am gonna flush it. Mommy, does the potty go vroom vroom? If it doesn't, I will say vroom vroom when I flush it." (The vroom vroom is from the little CARS potty that has at home.) On the way back from the potty, he likes to give the details. He likes to talk about the color of it, and whether or not it made bubbles and then he names off everyone he knows and asks me if theirs is "lellow" too. I am sure all of the restaurant patrons LOVE to hear potty talk while they are eating!

I am not even going to start on the crazy places that have been peed on in the bathroom since this whole thing started. I have found puddles around the toilet that I truly cannot figure out how he managed to get it there. It almost seems like he is doing acrobatics. And then the overcompensation for the previously missed target. So he missed a little to the left, and when trying to correct it, he pees to the right, front, and the wall behind the target. I never realized how hard it was to clean the wall behind to toilet.

This is getting kinda long and I am not sure how entertaining it is for the two of you reading (thanks Mama and Daddy!!) so I will wrap it up with my favorite potty story. My son did pretty well with number 1, but he was very nervous about number 2 and he has really just recently mastered that. We were swimming at a friends lake house and he tells me he needs to go poopoo so we get out of the lake, dry off, trek up to the house and sit on the potty FOREVER and finally he says, "Mommy, the poopoo is not coming out." So we start making our way back down to the lake and Blake starts making a weird growly snoring sound while we are walking. I asked him what he was doing and he told me, "That isn't me, Mommy. That is my poopoo. It is sleeping. That is why it wouldn't come out."

These are just a couple of the many adventures in potty training that we have had this summer! My husband and I have gotten into some bad habits because of it. For some reason we now announce when we have to go. That wouldn't be so terribly horrible except that the other just habitually asks "poopoo or tee tee"? We don't really answer...

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