Saturday, July 21, 2012


Here I am!!  It has only been a week (as opposed to the year that it usually is!)  I am probably gonna keep this short (if I can) and just update on the modified processed/fast food thing I am doing around here.  I haven't gone completely unprocessed, although I hope that one day I do.  Still working on some pantry items and I can't help but buy a Diet Coke every once in a while.  I have had 3 in the last 11 days.  That is pretty good since I used to have at LEAST 1 a day.  I am also not really sure what I am going to do for my flavored coffee creamer.  It is FULL of crazy stuff I can't pronounce.  That is another thing that I don't put in my coffee every day, but it sure is good when I do!!  I will probably always use Stevia even though it is technically processed, but I figure one packet every few days is still better than white sugar.  My kids have surprised me a lot during these 11 days.  They have never been super picky eaters, but I have fed them some stuff that I am really surprised they like.  They have eaten up broccoli, celery, and grape tomatoes like champs.  I will admit, I have given them some ranch to dip it in sometimes, but mostly I have given them hummus and they eat it up! They are also fans of plain yogurt!  I put honey in it because really, plain yogurt is grody!! I know that honey has the same amount of nutrition (almost 0) and the same amount of calories as sugar, but I am going with the non-processed version of foods.  I have made food at home every day the last 11 days.  I just pulled easy and healthy meals off of food network.  My kids even liked the kitchen catch-a-tory (that is what my 6 year old called it)  My son loved the marshmallows in it (I tried to tell them they were mushrooms, but he still refers to them as marshmallows!!) It was chicken and vegetables. I wasn't surprised at the spaghetti type meals, but the fact that they liked the chicken and vegetables was a nice surprise.  It was the Ellie Krieger version in case you are wondering... I know this would be much more difficult if my kids were picky.  When I put it on their plates I fully expected to be making them a peanut butter and honey sandwich after they took a bite.  I did tell them before I even put it in front of them that they had to try it. At least 2 bites of chicken and 2 bites of vegetables.  They ate it all and my 6 year old asked for more. 

I really thought that my kiddos would protest the "natural" peanut butter, but my son still asks for spoonfuls of it as much as he asked for the kind with sugar or corn syrup.  The main thing that I am gonna have to figure out is what to do for dessert.  The plain yogurt with honey works at lunch time, but so far after dinner we have totally broken the non processed thing because they eat ice cream (I just eat one bite!).  White sugar versions of things are very easily accessible.  My thought process is if I avoid them as much as I can, I am going to avoid eating too many sweets. 

I am gonna go ahead and sign off now.  My house is a mess (but it pretty much always is) and I can't even walk through my laundry room right now.  I should probably try to get something accomplished today (although I think this was a pretty good accomplishment!)

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